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Andrea Power is a very versatile painter from her dynamic seascapes to her playful seabirds. Her rich use of colour feeds our hungry eyes.

Ann O Reilly, Artist & Therapist, Dingle Peninsula

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October 2018 - The Calm before the storm

Andrea Power Dingle Artist's Seal Pup ont the move on the Wild Atlantic Way

Rolling Wave about to break

We sit poised on the brink of yet another storm… Storm Callum. Apparently not such a bad one this. After the glorious and quite miraculously HOT... yes ACTUALLY HOT summer there seem to have been masses of them already this autumn.... I know some were earlier in the year in the winter last and spring and now they all have nice friendly names you would think it would help me remember them. But it just feels like there have been one after another; more than there used to be and they all blur into one. I must admit I do like rough weather though, especially when I get to see BIG CRASHING WAVES, my favourite!

Also storms seem to make for good painting weather, for me anyway. Since I began painting I have found I am not one to work to a timetable. I find it nigh on impossible to make a plan that says right it's 9 am ... time to paint. Scheduled.
I have discovered my creative endeavours tend to go in fits and starts... at times frenetic and all-consuming and others barren and fruitless. I am having to learn to accept my creativity is variable...very much linked to my own internal weather which in turn is determined by multifarious factors such as; health, family matters, wealth, stress, confidence, mental health, hormones etc etc and of course the actual weather....

Andrea Power Dingle Artist's Seal Pup on the move on the Wild Atlantic Way

An Searrach

Andrea Power Dingle Artist's Wave on the Wild Atlantic Way

Crashing wave

So now I am sitting listening to the wind starting to whip up into stronger and stronger gusts and I am hit by a sudden gust of self-acceptance. It has been a tough old year with many trips to see my mother who has been so sick she nearly died twice... She is still here thankfully. There have been many other challenges which I am too private a person to share here…

But I now feel a refreshing clearing of guilt and stress about my lack of 'productiveness' as a painter over this last year. No posts on Facebook, very little new work and non-existent marketing... In fact I had painters BLOCK which I never experienced before!! In fact I had practically everything block!!

The word productivity conjures images of machines and factories in my mind... Anyway I am definitely no machine. I seem to ebb and flow a lot… but not as predictably as the tide!

So armed with my new acceptance of my own personal and variable pattern of creativity, I sit here in calm anticipation of this storm .. Callum; I have a feeling it will clear the air and the blast the blocks away and make space for me to paint up a storm!!!